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Ningbo Seduno Group Co., Ltd is an export oriented textile garment enterprise with a development history of over 20 years. In 2000, Ningbo Orient Hongye Knitting Co.,Ltd. was establish after the system reform; and in 2005, Ningbo Seduno Group was founded. The Group aims to “build itself into a garment manufacturer with global competitiveness”. It insists on technology innovation and propels optimization and upgrade of traditional industry; it actively adjusts the production base arrangement and breaks the productivity bottleneck; it persistently implements the big brand and big customer strategy and constantly improves market competitiveness and market share. Besides, the Group has succeeded in keeping fast growth for successive 10 years, and has developed from a traditional foreign trade manufacturing enterprise into a comprehensive industry group integrating garment processing, fabric R&D, international trade and brand operation. Seduno Group has been awarded with the title of “Top 100 Enterprises in the Garment Textile Industry of China” for several years. The subordinate brand “Seduno” has also won titles such as “Well-known Trademark of China”, “Famous Trademark of Zhejiang” and “Well-known Export Brand of Zhejiang”. It has become a leading enterprise in the knitted garment export industry of China.

In recent years, Seduno Group proactively responds to the far-reaching effect on the future international trade pattern by TPP Agreement, and speeds up the globalization strategy. In 2012, it took the lead to set factory in Cambodia, and then invested in dying, weaving and garment processing bases in Vietnam and Burma successively. At present, the annual garment production scale in Cambodia factory reaches 12 million pieces. After the completion of the factories in Vietnam and Burma, it may realize a production scale of 6,000 tons of knitting fabric and 18.2 million pieced of garments each year. As a result, a comparatively complete textile garment processing industrial chain will be formed in the Southeast Asia region. The “walk-out” strategy could not only help Seduno Group to seize the decisive opportunity in the global competition, but also promotes the rapid development of its business and establishes a benchmark for the industry development. 

Ningbo Seduno Group Co., Ltd

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