Zhejiang Orient Investment Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Orient Holdings Industry and Finance Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Orient Industry and Finance) is a wholly-owned financial investment platform subordinate to Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co., Ltd.. Founded in April 2005, the company has a registered capital of RMB100 million Yuan, and principally occupied in short-term investment, investment consultation and equity investment. At the beginning of 2015, Orient Industry and Finance passed filing in Asset Management Association of China, won qualification of private investment fund manager, being the first similar financial wholly-owned subsidiary qualified for private portfolio investment, and equity investment in Zhejiang Orient Holdings.

Orient Industry and Finance as a crucial investment platform and carrier of Zhejiang Orient determines orientation and target, concentrates on superior power, integrates quality resources, and vigorously conducts investment and financing by centering on the group’s overall strategic positioning and major circle:

1. Fund management: proactively cooperate with professional fund management companies, and offer VAT service by launching and managing funds, combining enterprise integration, restructuring, merger and financing and other capital tools so as to achieve mutual benefit;

2. Financial investment and money management: as an investment management platform of Zhejiang Orient, the company serves the function construction of the group’s sustainable investment circle, continuously explores and participates in new equity projects and research and investment of middle and short-term money management projects;

3. Commerce circulation: depending on the method of business credit, it expands operational cash flow to lay solid foundation for low-cost financing;

4. Direct investment: cooperate the group in setting out and implementing strategic planning, and conduct tactical direct investment.

In the future, besides the existing PE fund, private placement investment fund and money management, Orient Industry and Finance will develop assets management and other financial service management as well, breaking through new VAT services like management output and information docking. Meanwhile, Orient Industry and Finance will be engaged in cross-border financing and investment strategy based on the advantages of Zhejiang Orient’s foreign trade business, discover opportunity of cross-border arbitrage, develop carrying trade, making great efforts to be an equity investment management company focusing on similar financial investment, with co-existence of multiple industries.

Address: 17/F, New Orient Building, No. 12, Xihu Avenue, Hangzhou


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