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Zhejiang Orient Holdings Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Orient Holdings Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., since its establishment at the end of 2011, has focused on serving SMEs in all industry chains. From raw material supply to product terminal marketing, personalized purchasing and sales financing plans are available for all links, liberating enterprises from fund occupation links such as stock-up, raw material purchase and sales on credit return, and thus help them concentrate on enterprise development. By means of integrated superior resources and a range of trading and financial services, the enterprises in supply chain can maximize their advantages. Business cooperation mode includes warehousing financial mode, logistics financial mode, purchase execution mode and virtual production mode.

Tenet: financing worldwide, win-win cooperation

Concept: serving SMEs, and embedding upstream and downstream industry chains via credit and fund and other approaches to help the enterprises optimize financial structure, broaden business scale, relieve pressure of circulating fund and enhance the overall competitiveness.

Address: Room 1206, Block A, New Orient Building, No. 12, Xihu Avenue, Hangzhou

Tel: 0571-87600257




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