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Zhejiang orient Holly Trading I/E co., ltd

Zhejiang Orient Holdings Haoye Trading Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary subordinate to Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co., Ltd.. Formerly known as the Accessory Department of Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co., Ltd., it was restructured in 2000, with a total capital stock of RMB10 million Yuan, where: Orient Holdings accounts for 55% while natural operators hold 45%. Zhejiang Orient Holdings Haoye Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional importer affiliated to Orient Holdings, enjoying decades of professional experience in import agency. Business scope of the company: textile mechanical equipment, printing equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, medical equipment, utilities, wool, cotton, chemicals and import of dairy products, olive oil and meat. Apart from the development of import, Haoye also pays attention to cultivating export talents. Over years of endeavor, the company has trained an export team with steady customer source in exporting women’s fashion and uniform, witnessing a year-by-year rising of performance.

Add: 26F, No.12, Xihu Avenue, Hangzhou, Zhejiang



Chairman: Yan Weier

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