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Zhejiang orient Knitex I/E co., ltd

Zhejiang Orient Hengye Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a trading company subordinate to Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co., Ltd., and engaged in foreign trade import and export. Business scope includes knitting, sweater, home textiles and footwear (outdoor shoes and indoor slippers). The products are chiefly exported to Japan, Europe, Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

With long-standing history and rich experience in export, the company boasts a capable and well-experienced export sales team, a diligent, responsible and sharp-sighted QC team and an earnest, smart and hardworking assistant team. The diversified supplier partners for years will be able to meet your high-end product demand and the price you expect. Believe that, with our effort, you will be able to get both cheap and fine products and five-star service.

Address: Room 2203, Block A, New Orient Building, No. 12, Xihu Avenue, Hangzhou, China

Tel: 0086-571-87600718


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